What type of video are you looking for?   Looking for a strategy to get your kids to stay in bed once you’ve said good night?  Seeking a way to have fun on a cold, winter day?  Here’s a full listing of every video you’ll find on Family Web TV.  Just click on the video you want to watch and away you go.  And remember, visit often because new videos are being added all the time!

Daily Journal - An easy way to journal daily with your child
Sensitive Issues #1 - How to talk to your kids about sensitive subjects
Sensitive Issues #2 - How to talk to your kids about sensitive subjects
Talk to your Parents - Encourage your child to ask you questions

Day-to-Day Challenges and Solutions
Chore Board - Making a connection between work and reward
Chores and Allowance - At what age is the right age to give both?
Flip for It - A great way to solve the problem of who-goes-first
Mr. Bear - The art of distraction

Fun Bonding Activities (Indoor)
Angry Birds - bring the addictive game to life in your living room 
Balloon Time - New ways to play an old favorite
Big Boy Burrito -  Laughter abounds and all you need is a blanket
Hiding in Plain Sight - A fun variation of hide-n-seek
Indoor Picnic - Weather is never an issue with an indoor picnic
Movie Night - Everyone's go-to family bonding activity
Where's Sammy - Just like Where's Waldo - but real life!
Oobleck - Science + messy hands = good times

Fun Bonding Activities (Outdoor)
Fairy Tale Reenactments - Act our your favorite fairy tales with your kids
Fairy Tale Reenactments (take two) - So much fun, try it twice
Football Bonding - Daily daddy time is a good thing

Life Lessons
Celebrate Your Senses - Take time to appreciate the worlds around you
Dime a Day - A great way to teach your child about saving money
Doing for Others - Caring for others by doing for others
No Tech Contract - Goodbye gadgets, hello family
Relax your Standards -  It's okay to loosen your grip from time to time
Toy Giveaway - Teach your kids about giving toys, not just receiving

Morning, Night and Mealtime
Bedtimer - An easy way to get your child to fall asleep once the lights go out
Bedtime Baskets - Another easy way to get your child to bed on time
Blindfolded Night Night - An fun way to get your child into bed
Naked Ball -  Your kids will love putting on their pajamas
No Manners Night -  Introduce new foods and belch at the same time
Pillow Notes - Leaving little notes make a big difference
Speed Dressing - A way for your child to get dressed in a hurry               
Would You Rather... - An easy way to make conversation during dinner

Road-trips (fun destinations)
Fancy Dessert Day
- A quick trip that makes everyone's tummy happ
Fancy Fruit - Try a new fruit and have fun at the same time
Get Packin'
- A few ways to get your children involved in the packing
Hotel Hunt
- Turn your next hotel overnight a mini-adventure
The Long Haul
- Ways to make a long trip more enjoyable
Yellow Car
- Simple and fun way to pass time in the car

Traditions and Memories
Deck the Walls - An easy way to save and display precious works of art
School Year Review - Yearly video review hosted by your kids
Story of Life - A New Year's tradition that rewards you year after year

Tasty Tradition - Bonding through baking
Valentines Day -  Three ideas to make your V-day memorable